Wedding Whiskey Box

$400.00 approx.

Made of solid black American walnut
Tumbler holder inserts are removable to convert to a more versatile keepsake box
This beautiful whiskey box was designed to be elegant while also functional.  Constructed from handpicked black walnut, this one of a kind piece was presented to the newlyweds on their wedding day.  Classic woodworking joinery was used by way of finger joints displayed at each corner of the box with the end grain and face grain interlacing.  No nails or other hardware was used with the exception of the antique brass hinges and latch set.  Tumbler glass inserts were made to be removable to allow this box to house other wedding day keepsakes for years to come. 
*As an added bonus for this gift, included were individually written letters to the newlywed couple from family members which were rolled into scrolls and displayed inside.
Interested in a custom gift box for your special occasion?  Contact me with your event’s details and we will make a one of a kind piece that will never be forgotten.
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