Retirement Wine Box

$200.00 approx.

Crafted from solid black American walnut
Engraved top window to display contents
This beautifully hand crafted retirement keepsake box was designed to be a heartfelt memento to an accomplished career.  Made from handpicked black walnut hardwood, every detail of this elegant keepsake was meticulously crafted to ensure that it would leave its recipient speechless.  All classic woodworking joinery was used by way of finger joints displayed at each corner of the box with the end grain and face grain interlacing.  No nails or other hardware was used with the exception of the antique brass quadrant hinges and latch set.  Meant to be presented with bottle of the retiree’s favorite wine or spirits, this box can live to contain any keepsakes the recipient chooses….or perhaps just more wine!

*All keepsake boxes come filled with wood shavings to aid in presentation of its content.

Interested in a custom gift box for your special occasion?  Contact me with your event’s details and we will make a one of a kind piece that will never be forgotten.
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