Product Care

**All purchases come with detailed instructions on how to properly cleaned and maintain each item’s finish.


Our handmade pens are a beautiful combination of wood and metal.  To keep them shining for years to come, each pen should regularly be wiped down with any clean dry cloth to remove oils left behind by the users hands.  You can also use the black velvet pouch provided with each pen to clean your pen on the go.  Since all wood components of each pens are finished with a Cyanoacrylate coating, you can use any plastic polish to bring back the original shine.  Never submerge the pen in liquids to clean as this can damage the metal components and functionality of the pen’s transmission.

Cutting/Serving Boards and Utensils

Our cutting/serving boards and wooden utensils can easily be cleaned using warm water and non-abrasive soap.  Never place boards or utensils in the dishwasher as these can ruin the finish and warp the item.  Items can be regularly maintained by liberally appling any food grade mineral oil or coconut oil to its surfaces.  This can be done after each cleaning or when the item appears to be losing its regular luster.  Simply apply the oil liberally and wipe off with a clean cloth.

Keepsake Boxes

Each keepsake box we make can contain various materials ranging from exotic woods, glasses and metals which have different finishes.  all of these finishes can be easily cared for by using a damp soft cloth to wipe away any stains or dirt/dust.  This type of finish should require very little maintenance and should not need the re-application of this coating.  Since some boxes will contain a glass window, this can be cleaned by spraying a clean cloth with any window cleaner and wiping the surface.  Be careful to not spray directly onto the glass as the overspray can get onto the wood and cause the wood to lose its luster over time.  Additionally, do not use any type of alcohol bases liquids to clean the wood surfaces as this could strip away the box’s finish.  In the event that your keepsake boxes sustains any damages such as scratches or dents, feel free to contact us and we would be happy to assist you with suggestions to properly fix the problem.