Hi, I'm Ryan.

I'm a native Southern California woodworker who has been making sawdust for just over 7 years.  Though, if I'm being honest, those first few years really consisted of me creating exotic Pinewood Derby cars for my three kids.  Every year my kids liked to challenge me by coming up with whatever elaborate design their little imaginations could muster.  Never being one to back down from a challenge or let my kids down (I can't stand those sad eyes) I've always pushed the envelope of what I could create from a block of wood and some good ol' ingenuity.  The payoff was always big smiles and those great big hugs from my kids who were always impressed that I could pull off their must have design.


What I didn't realize was that my kids' little cars were igniting a passion for woodworking that has been smoldering inside me since I was a kid myself.  Growing up in the beautiful weather of So Cal, I was always outside.  Many times I was in the garage watching my dad work on one of his endless string of VW Bugs and listening to his favorite band, The Doors, on local oldies station K-Earth 101.  As I got a little older, my dad graduated me to his official light holder, tool gopher and all around listener of his bad dad jokes.  With these newly acquired responsibilities, I was not limited to only helping in the garage.  This is when I was able to come into my own as I learned to be "handy" with everything from fixing a light switch to building the wood frame of a waterfall.  Yep, waterfall!  Built three of them with my dad who paid me in a lesson of building anything you put your mind to.  (Literally, that was all he paid me.  Never did get a dime, just sayin' Dad!)

Coming Soon!!

As I became an adult, I followed my other passion for movies and set my eyes on a career in the entertainment industry.  While being in the trenches of film and restoration technologies, I couldn't ignore that there was something about getting my hands dirty and sawdust on my clothes that felt natural to me.  Now I spend most of my free time creating unique handmade woodcrafts in my shop, listening to K-Earth (those oldies are now songs from my teenage years.....terrifying!) and seeing which of my kids is willing to sit and listen to a few of my amazing jokes.